Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)

Want to know how energy healing can boost your energy, alleviate emotional stress and help you make your life WAY easier?

Eden Energy Medicine was created by Donna Eden, after she healed herself of multiple sclerosis in her early thirties. As a healer, Donna Eden has treated over 10,000 clients. She is widely referenced in the alternative health field, and many of her workshop attendees include physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals.

Donna consistently exhilarates and amazes her audiences. She offers exciting, empowering, invaluable classes that can be attended by laypeople as well as professionals. More about her work and EEM can be found on Donna’s Website.


Energy Medicine utilizes techniques from time-honored healing traditions such as the Chinese system of acupuncture, Indian chakra system, yoga, kinesiology, and qi gong.
Our body’s energetic system can be compared to our body’s circulatory system. It feeds our entire body, and affects the function of our organs, muscles, and the physical systems they contain.


The Chinese system of acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flowing through the body that are essential for good health. For thousands of years, both the Chinese system of acupuncture and the Indian Chakra system have been the basis of successful forms of medicine in the Eastern world.

chakraSystemOur Western Medical beliefs are based on scientific research and because people can’t see energy, it has been difficult to incorporate energetic healing into our Western Medical way of thinking. However, Western doctors are seeing the positive benefits of acupuncture and now recommend it to their patients. Using this video you can gain the benefits of thousands of years of energy medicine yourself, without an appointment, and without needles!

Jul 31, 2011 · Dr. Oz talks about the future of Energy Medicine on CNN

think the next big frontier is unlocking the doors to energy medicine. It dramatically broadens our vista of opportunities to heal. The challenge that we have is that energy is not as easily quantified as the surgeon’s scalpel.”Dr Mehmet Oz
Oprah Magazine, Dec 2010

Your energetic system, like your circulatory system, will function better when it is exercised. Your circulatory, nervous, endocrine, and muscular systems will all function better when your energetic system is activated.

Your energetic system transmits energy through different pathways called meridians and can be compared to the way your circulatory system transfers blood through your veins. The same way blood can be blocked by a clot or by plaque, energy can be stuck, if the system is out of balance. Your energy can be moving in the wrong direction, frozen, or moving too quickly. Since energy fuels organ function, the effects of balancing your energies can be profound.

circulatory1 circulatorySystem2

These exercises, in combination with lifestyle changes have helped me get over my own chronic fatigue syndrome! It’s also helped my clients who have:

  • MS…move better
  • Those with insomnia…sleep better
  • Those who’ve had cardiovascular surgery…go through rehabilitation faster
  • Those with muscular aches and pains…feel better
  • Those with high levels of emotional stress…stay calm
  • Those with athletic performance obstacles…do better
  • Those with weight issues … curb their cravings and get motivated to exercise

And it can help all of us who lose energy mid-day and feel like we need a second cup of coffee to be energized by a simple exercise instead of ingesting a chemical stimulant.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to try the energy booster and stress reliever exercise you get to download when you sign up for my blog, so you see for yourself the immediate benefits of this work!

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