Terry “Tito” Landrum Physical Therapist NYC
Former St. Louis Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole, LA Dodger

A few years before the end of my major league baseball career, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk. Unbearable pain finalized the need for an operation. The surgery was a success, but despite strenuous workouts, I never fully recovered. Pain was a constant factor and I had flexibility limitations that kept me from being able to bend at the waist. After ten years of trying numerous PT techniques, I was still unable to stand and put on a pair of pants.

A decade of frustration was erased after just two sessions with Lara Riggio. Her application of Muscle Activation Technique produced incredible results. She discovered and addressed weaknesses no one else had thought to look for. The day after my first session, I woke up without pain for the first time in over twenty years. After my second session, I was able to stand and put my pants on for the first time in ten years. Four months later, I still put my pants on one leg at a time.


Terri Cole Licensed Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Author, & Motivational Speaker

I went to see Lara from The Lara Touch during a very challenging time in my life and our work together was a game changer for me. In the last decade, I have referred many of my psychotherapy clients to Lara, with amazing results. I have never known a more intuitive healer, who can quickly and accurately get to the core issue and offer real solutions. Her Radiance workout classes are also like nothing you have ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and check out The Lara Touch. You will thank me!


Ali Case Broadway, TV, Film Actress, “Hair” NYC

When I found Lara. I was not walking, no longer working and my physical and emotional state was in bad shape. Lara helped me stay positive, while we rebuilt my body. With a clear mind, an open heart and an energized body, I found my way back to the stage in Hair on the west end in London. There is no one like her or anyone who does what she does, and I am eternally grateful!


Stephen Selver Investment Banker NYC

While playing ball in high school, I fractured one of my lumbar vertebrae. My low back was a constant source of frustration. Over the last ten years, my situation worsened. Pain prohibited me from running and from playing basketball and golf. Sitting in a car for more than an hour also triggered my symptoms. I knew my spine was misaligned because I sometimes looked crooked. I had been seeing a chiropractor for three years and had received minimal relief. After four MAT sessions with Lara, I am playing hoops, driving to and from the Hamptons weekly, golfing frequently, and beginning to run long distances again!

My first encounter with Lara was on a phone call that I had placed to ask some questions about a weekend Chakra Balancing Workshop she was offering here in New York City. Lara fielded the phone call personally, and recommended that I would get some good tools in the weekend Chakra Balancing Workshop, and that is an understatement!

I was having significant challenges getting my energy “straight” after quitting a well-paying corporate job with no back-up plan. All I knew is that the job was making my body, mind, and soul very sick and I could not continue living that life. Plus I had some major blockages regarding starting a family with my new husband, and finding new employment.

The results of my experience with her, even though it was in a group setting, was that I’m now 3 months pregnant (November 2015) with a very healthy little one and have created an online business idea that has serious potential! I’m so grateful to Lara for her personal, yet unobtrusive style. I got her personal attention for a fraction of the cost at which it is truly valued! With the workshop, you also get a small set of Young Life essential oils that are liquid HEAVEN. ~swoon~ I’m eternally grateful for the huge role The Lara Touch played in an even bigger game – the game of life.

Melissa Del Toro, NY

I have been an avid squash player my entire life, so when the pain in my left ankle forced me to cease playing, I was crushed. My trouble began about a year ago with discomfort in my ankles post squash play. My ankles were severely pronated, and I was fitted for orthotics by a podiatrist. I wore the orthotics religiously, went to physical therapy and began acupuncture treatments for the pain.

My situation worsened progressively, and I recently sought a second opinion from a new podiatrist. Despite the adjustments he made to my orthotics, I was in constant pain. I walked with a limp, and playing squash was impossible.

After five sessions of MAT with Lara, I am walking and climbing stairs pain-free—without orthotics! My feet are no longer pronated! After a year of unsuccessful treatments, I am amazed that I have progressed so quickly with Lara.

Bob Thomas, Veterinarian NYC

Lara taught me how to speed up the healing process during my cardiovascular rehab. She reduced the intensity of the body cramps I was having and her techniques helped me sleep through the night when I
was dealing with insomnia for weeks after the surgeries. She effectively changed my negative belief patterns associated with a lot of guilt and anger at letting myself get in such a weakened state.

I have been obese my whole life, and even though I had been eating healthy for years, I packed on even more pounds during recovery from surgery due to multiple complications and an inability to exercise. Lara helped me reflect on the years of over-eating and address some emotionally challenging events that replayed unconsciously throughout my life. She taught me how to change the way I think about food and physical fitness...no more excuses, no more lies. No more thinking there was no gain without pain. Lara’s energy activation therapy lessons taught me how to keep myself energized, so I could return to work sooner and regain my life. With her patience and amazing skill and talent, Lara has taught me how to live a happier, healthier life.

Linda Laundra, TV Director and Writer NYC

I was a martial artist who was suffering from adrenal fatigue that led to injury, a weakened immune system and chronic digestive issues. Although both traditional and non-traditional therapies ameliorated the condition, only Lara’s combination of muscle-activation therapy and energy work has enabled me to heal on all three fronts. I have now progressed to a five-day-a-week program of running and weight training that is building my strength rather than draining my energy. In addition, I am able to use Lara’s techniques at home before and after exercise to ensure that my increasing volume of exercise does not deplete me. Similarly, Lara has helped my nine-year-old son strengthen his immune system to reduce his sensitivity to certain food groups and to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Sian Worth, Mother, Oxford, England

Since I have little time or patience with injuries or physical limitations that keep me from doing the things I love to do, here is what I have learned: I can either run from doctors to other alternative health care providers and waste tons of time and money without receiving much relief—or I can go to Lara, get to the root of things, get fixed quickly and be back on the road. Simple.

Lara is a deeply caring person who will not quit until she has found just what works for you. Thanks to her tremendous knowledge of and combination of various techniques and methods I have found relief every time.

Tessa Keimes, Actress, Personal Trainer NYC

Working with Lara has had such a positive impact on my life. Her practical and positive approach to wellness and energy medicine immediately put me at ease. I went to her with a chronic vertigo condition and received so much more than vestibular healing. I received a new way to deal with stress and exhaustion that I can tap into ANYWHERE and I’m now 5 pounds closer to my ideal body weight! Lara rocks!

Jill, Marketing Executive NYC

One of my clients had been complaining of back pain for a few months. It got to the point where she could barely work out. It was frustrating for me because there were few exercises she could perform without pain. I sent her to Lara, and after two sessions she was able to resume all of her previous activity pain free. She is very happy to be jogging and strength training again! I am relieved and glad to be able to perform my job more effectively.

Super French, Private Trainer NYC


Julian Stanciu Runner and Personal Trainer NYC

It was a week before I was to run the New York City Marathon. I had been training for a few months and it had taken a toll on my body. My right knee hurt constantly and made a clicking noise when I bent it. After a run, my entire right leg would go numb and my right hip would start hurting. After waking up each morning it would take about four or five hours before I could walk normally; it was like my muscles needed to warm up. I went for one physical therapy session and was diagnosed with patellar tendonitis in the left knee, but it was my right side that was so painful.

Lara saw me limping through the gym on Monday. When I told her that I was going to run the marathon that Sunday, she insisted on helping me. She worked with me for about an hour and a half. When she was finished my knee pain and clicking were gone and the numbness had disappeared. I ran the marathon pain free. I am excited to learn more about what she is doing. This MAT is pretty cool.


Zubaidah Guy, Filmmaker Enlight Z Productions and Zubies Beads

I actually stumbled upon the class… I felt like it was destiny.. so I decided to check it out!One of my biggest concerns before taking the class was fear of feeling vulnerable in front of the group. The second concern was being judged. After participating I was able to rid myself of the fears and realized that we all were participating and supporting one another and also dealing with a lot of the same struggles. It was very good to know that I could receive encouragement and positive feedback from my class mates… I learned so much and I truly believe Lara is a God send. I loved that all the work we did was emailed to us right away. I have saved all the emails that I received from class and I continue to refer back to everyone’s phrases to clear different things when I need to. I also love my vision board and have made 2 more! Since taking the class I have finished a short film that pretty much took me almost 3 years to complete. I have also been attracting more men into my life when I felt at one time that I would never find anyone and be single for the rest of my life. I also released my fear about relocating and have begun communicating with people about my move and been trying to find employment. (I was doing none of this before I took the class). I actually am now looking forward to moving and have an extremely positive outlook about the success I will have there (in ATL).


Amy McNabb Actress, NYC

Thanks to Lara’s Class, I have seen my life drastically change. In using the energy work and affirmations she provided, I have been able to increase my self -confidence and own my power as a performer and dramatically improve my relationships with my family. The exercises helped me let go of my performance anxiety- I went from being hesitant to sing one line of a song in front of the class to feeling confident while auditioning several times a week! Lara also helped me let go of the negative emotions, which were making me feel like I needed to keep my distance from my family and set healthy boundaries with them. As a result, a whole new level of communication has opened up between us! Lara’s class has changed my life and me for the better. The benefits of taking this class are endless!


Holly Getty, NYC VP of Fabric Calvin Klein Platinum

I was struggling with finances and my business and in a place where it seemed like nothing was working out, and I was beyond stressed. In class, Lara helped me let go of my stress by reminding me of asked me what positive action I could take every day to put me in alignment with the way I WANT to FEEL. MAGIC was the first word that came to my mind. Small miracles had happened that day and I knew in my heart there were more to come. So…I noticed the miracles and asked for more. On Tuesday, I realized I had an untapped business right in front of me. For years, I thought of offering an exclusive membership. Why not offer it now? In twenty minutes, I worked out a structure, offered it to one of my most favorite clients and in one hour, she said yes. It was MAGIC! I had solved my financial problem AND started a program I had wanted to offer for years! Lara helped me clear the underlying issues and simply think differently, and this all just happened. It was easier then I ever thought it could be! The results of Lara’s class are worth so much more than the investment I made to take it.


Vesta Walker Performance Arist/Group Fitness Instructor

I decided to take the class to help break my pattern of self doubt. I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. I wasn’t sure if the environment was going to feel safe enough to share. I was concerned about being judged.What I loved best about this class is honestly— EVERYTHING!! The supportive environment. Lara’s honest but gentle feedback. The wonderful classmates and camaraderie. The amazing results. I have let go of so much self doubt. I’m much more in control of my mentality.


Nitika Chopra Founding Editor in Chief, Bella Life

Lara has an impeccable ability to tap (literally and figuratively) into the mind, body and soul of those who she works with. I had full faith and confidence in her ability to facilitate a Spirit Workshop for the Bella Life community and the response from the attendees was exceptional – they were blown away by her technique coupled by her charisma and caring nature. Lara has the incredible skill to help remove the blockages in our systems that are holding us back from living our dream lives. It has been such an honor to work with her and witness how her work is changing lives on the local scale and in turn making the world a better place.

Patricia Moreno

Patricia Moreno Founder, intenSati Life LLC and Sati Life

I am a huge fan of the work that Lara does. Her presence at my live event was received with overwhelming enthusiasm. Her work is life enhancing and truly a gift to anyone who gets an opportunity to work with her.Lara thank you for presenting at my Workin It out event. Your work is life changing. I had overwhelming positive feedback from participants that felt a positive shift after just one hour of our group work together. Thank you for being such a powerful healing presence.


Leora Edut Creatrix of Goddess On The Go

I’ve worked with Lara one on one and in class settings; and she is not only wise and supportive, but she has helped me to shift the anxiety that I used to wake up with every morning. Through the techniques she taught me, I have learned that I am able to release any feeling of overwhelm and trust that I can handle everything with ease. It has shifted something in my nervous system, and now I wake up feeling calm and happy. She has helped me to let get of resentment and open my heart up to love. I have also tripled my business by using the manifesting exercises I learned from Lara!Lara spoke at a recent Goddess-On The Go event, and everyone loved what she had to say – we all learned so much. She taught our women how to raise the energetic vibrations in their bodies, and that simply shifting our internal conversation could change the way we looked and felt about any person or situation. The exercises she gave were valuable, unique, and fun and people were energized and interested in learning more! Lara’s techniques are simple, useful for everyday life, and you get instant results – experiencing what can happen when we shift our energy and point of view.

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