Astro-Energy Alert! It’s An Auspicious Day for Love and Connections!

After three weeks of Mercury Madness (This Retrograde was a real doozer!), I can feel this heavy energy beginning to lift!

Mercury goes direct Sunday, AND today, Wednesday, April 11th, is an auspicious day for love and making opportune career connections!

My trusted astrologers, the AstroTwins report :

“Wednesday, April 11, cosmic copilots Venus and Mars flow into a rare and harmonious trine. In this 120-degree angle formation, their energies dovetail magically, opening your heart and stirring up soulful synergies.”

For different signs, different possibilities await, and there is a common thread …

Today, the Universe is supporting your heart’s desires!

So it’s important to:

  • Recognize what you want
  • Feel deserving of having it
  • And be fully open to receiving it, so you don’t accidentally push away opportunities or potential heart connections!

Take just a few minutes and open your heart, mind and chakras to love and synchronicity now!

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