How to Benefit from Mercury in Retrograde – Starting Today!

How to Benefit from Mercury in Retrograde – Starting Today!

It’s happening AGAIN! Mercury is in retrograde staring today till November 10th. I have actually felt it happening for about 2 weeks now. Some of my technology has failed, and appointment scheduling has been challenging.

Although Mercury can cause plans and technology to go awry, it can also be an excellent time to really focus on how well we are communicating, re-connect with old friends, acquaintances or business leads, and clean up anything in our life that isn’t really serving us.

Mercury forces us to slow down, reconsider, repair, reflect and reconnect. If you remember, I always say, upset is access, so if you are having a conflict or upset while Mercury is in retrograde, it’s an amazing opportunity to improve something in your life.

So, I invite you to re frame Mercury in Retrograde, and move into this period with the idea that this is the right and perfect time to reconsider, repair, reflect, and reconnect.

So, with whom would you like to reconnect?
Its a perfect time to reach out.

In reflection, what could you be doing better in your life? What could you change to better support what you want?

Are there any relationships you could repair? This may mean apologizing or forgiving.
Deepak Chopra says, when we harbor anger toward anyone, it’s like concocting poison and drinking it yourself.
This is a great time to let this go.
I suggest using either the Easiest Stress Relief Exercises or Tapping for Stubborn Stress Relief with the phrase-
“Forgiving ____________sets me free.”
Letting go of any negative energy you have in relationships frees space in your life and field for better things.

Are there any systems in your life or business that could use an upgrade?
Look at the flaws. Repair them.
Make it better; it’s an amazing time to improve!

Is there anything in your life you would like to reconsider? If you don’t have what you want, it just means that it’s time to upgrade your ideas of what is possible. So, ponder and wonder about what you may want that you don’t have or how you might want to do something differently. Remember, when you figure this out, you now have the opportunity to change it! Yippppeeee!

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