Big Eclipse-Powerful Ritual!

Anyone else feeling like energetically the year hasn’t quite started yet?

January has felt more like the closing of 2017 verses the beginning of 2018.

Somehow, February has felt like the start of the new year to me, and now I know why!!!!!!

Big Lunar Eclipse Tonight, Jan 31st! It’s a Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse, try saying that 10 times without stuttering! It’s a mouthful, and it means this is an energetically Super Charged Eclipse because it is happening when the moon is closest to earth, super visible and energetically more potent!

And, this is exceptional occurrence because both a Blood Moon (a part of three or more Lunar Eclipses with a reddish glow from the total eclipse) and a Blue Moon (Second Full Moon in a Month) are super rare. 

“Flashback moment! Where were you standing (tinted black polymer glasses shielding your gaze) last August 21? You know, during the momentous solar eclipse in Leo? More importantly, what were you thinking about? Reflect back to that day. All the hopes, wishes and dreams you planted under that supercharged new moon could come to a stunning milestone this Wednesday, January 31 when a FULL moon lunar eclipse in Leo electrifies the skies. Get ready to harvest! This completes the lunar “planting cycle” that began six months ago.”

Maybe my blog from that day will help jog your memory.

What themes were beginning to percolate for you around that time? What you were intending and working on back in August?

~Has it come to fruition?

~What worked? 

~What didn’t?

~Any lessons come with it? 

~Did you or old emotional patterns get in the way of manifesting what you desired?

Join me now for this powerful ritual to:

  • To celebrate your success! 
  • To put to rest and finally resolve any old limiting beliefs or patterns that may have surfaced in the last 6 months or even this week to limit you!
  • To open and to activate a new energy to help fuel and to guide this next year, until the next round of Eclipses in July and August 2018.

Super Powers Activate Now!

May This Force Be With You,

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