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  • Invigorate your event’s audience and enliven participation
  • Give your employees a daily energy boost and increase productivity after lunch and decrease sick days.
  • Provide your audience and employees stress relief tools, so they can immediately alleviate the physical symptoms of stress when it strikes.

Lara Ann Riggio is an expert in Eastern healing techniques and owner of The Lara Touch studio in NYC. Lara brings valuable insight, expertise, and energy to her presentations. She takes great pleasure in helping her clients overcome the physical and emotional barriers keeping them from having the life and body they want. In The Lara Touch classes, videos and private sessions, she has helped thousands of clients overcome physical aches and pains, emotional stress and anxiety, insomnia and symptoms from chemotherapy and other medications. Lara can customize a program for you and speak to a myriad of topics at your event or workshop.


Increase Your Energy and Alleviate Stress in Minutes!
Discover how to calm yourself down in minutes with simple physical exercises, which work faster then drugs.

Lara speakingModern life and city living have a tendency to challenge our bodies’ natural way of staying healthy. Lack of exercise, chemicals in our environment, and the emotional stress of our fast paced world can strain our bodies. When our bodies are under pressure they hurt, can’t sleep, feel tired, and can develop disease.

We cannot control what stressors come into our lives, but now, we can control our body’s reaction to stress when it strikes. When we ingest unseen pesticides or hormones in our foods, we can do simple exercises to give our digestive system more energy to better handle it. When we get bad news, or we are anxious about how a situation may go, we can do a simple exercise to calm our Fight or Flight reaction, so we can think clearer and have a greater capacity think creatively.

All of these exercises are based on Eastern Healing modalities, which have been proven forms of medicine for thousands of years in other countries. In some exercises, you can get the benefits of stimulating the meridians acupuncturists use without needles.

Lara’s clients have reported benefits such as:

  • increased energy
  • muscular pain relief
  • relief from anxiety and depression
  • improved sleep
  • improved cognitive function
  • increased creativity

The best use of this material in an all day or weekend event would be a short 10 minute intro to the work, immediately followed by 5 minutes of energizing exercises in the morning, then 5-8 minutes of exercises in between speakers to get the crowd re-energized, physically moving, stretched and refreshed before the next informational segment. These exercises re-engage and revive audiences suffering from the late morning or after lunch energy slump, which impacts the effectiveness of many events.

Participants will learn invaluable tools to decrease stress, energize their bodies naturally, and will be able to duplicate the same incredible results on their own, as Lara gifts the crowd digital downloads of all of the exercises she teaches during the day. Lara can present this material in a workshop or speaker/podium format, expand on the physiologic explanation of how these exercises work, or add more exercises or a Q-and-A section.


Lara spoke at a recent Goddess-On The Go event, and everyone loved what she had to say – we all learned so much. She taught our women how to raise the energetic vibrations in their bodies, and that simply shifting our internal conversation could change the way we looked and felt about any person or situation. The exercises she gave were valuable, unique, and fun and people were energized and interested in learning more! Lara’s techniques are simple, useful for everyday life, and you get instant results – experiencing what can happen when we shift our energy and point of view.

Leora Edut
Creatrix of Goddess On The Go

Lara has an impeccable ability to tap (literally and figuratively) into the mind, body and soul of those who she works with. I had full faith and confidence in her ability to facilitate a Spirit Workshop for the Bella Life community and the response from the attendees was exceptional – they were blown away by her technique coupled by her charisma and caring nature. Lara has the incredible skill to help remove the blockages in our systems that are holding us back from living our dream lives. It has been such an honor to work with her and witness how her work is changing lives on the local scale and in turn making the world a better place.

Nitika Chopra
Founding Editor in Chief, Bella Life

I am a huge fan of the work that Lara does. Her presence at my live event was received with overwhelming enthusiasm. Her work is life enhancing and truly a gift to anyone who gets an opportunity to work with her. Lara, thank you for presenting at my Workin It out event. Your work is life changing. I had overwhelming positive feedback from participants that felt a positive shift after just one hour of our group work together. Thank you for being such a powerful healing presence.

Patricia Moreno
Founder, intenSati Life LLC and Sati Life

I’ve worked with hundreds of speakers running tons of events for several companies. And by far the best, most inspiring speaker who closed 95% of the room was Lara Riggio. She’s not only enthusiastic and filled with energy that’s contagious; she also inspires her audience to take action and make changes to have a better life. You will be doing your audience a huge favor by asking her to speak at your next event – she will steal the show, making you look like a hero to your clients.

Shannon McCaffery
Chief Marketing Implementer, McCaffery Communications

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