Yo! We Going Retro!!!! 0

Yo! We Going Retro!!!!

Posted by on Aug 14, 2017

This past week, I slipped into an old pattern that I thought I had overcome and paid the price. Several of my clients also slipped backward this week. It was like The Universe was sending lessons, a final reminder to not look back and to continue to move forward no matter how comfortable the old ways may have been in the past, they are now NOT working! And, then I looked at the calendar and guess what happened yesterday?! Mercury went retro! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are in another retrograde, but you may have already been feeling the pre-phases of it like us. The pre-shadow began two weeks ago. I’ve been enjoying taking out more time to take care of myself and enjoy my family and friends. Then, last week, my husband was away, and I used this as an excuse to fall back into my old pattern and overbook myself. I was exhausted, had no time to work out or tidy my apt. My back and neck seized up, and I got really short tempered with my well-meaning brother on the phone one night. My body and temper were telling me, “Enough of this already, I just don’t want to live this way anymore! Don’t go backward!”...

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A Special Invitation to Take Some Time Out for You! 0

A Special Invitation to Take Some Time Out for You!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2017

A Special Invitation to Take Some Time Out for You! Like I did when I was a kid, I am beginning to get super excited and count the weeks to my next vacation! This one I do alone, leaving my hubby at home, because this one is about getting back in touch with me, and all the friends I have made and will make there this year. I go every year to Soul Camp because I LOVE it!!! It’s one place where I can do great workouts, yoga on the lake and some kind of meaningful mind-body or spiritually expansive workshop all in the same day, and enjoy a rad disco party or bonfire with gluten free smores at night! It’s the only place where I feel hugged the entire time I am there and have wound up making amazing friends I feel I will have for life! It’s more than a vacation!!! It’s a Soulfulfilling Experience that just makes me happy!!! Click here to find out more about the magic of Soul Camp! Join us at Soul Camp East or West, I’ll be at both if you want to take some time to connect with yourself and to make some Soul centered connections;) So much love and joy!...

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The Decadent Gift I Gave Myself 0

The Decadent Gift I Gave Myself

Posted by on Jun 28, 2017

Today is my birthday! And to celebrate it, I want to share a story with you that I hope will inspire you to live your passion!   Over the winter my husband and I got into this Netflix series called The Chef’s Table.   This series is incredibly inspiring, as it gets into the head and heart of pure genius, the small number of chefs who have received three Michelin Stars.   These are the Mozart’s of cooking. One might think these chefs mad, as they are driven by their soul’s passion for food and the all-encompassing pursuit of perfection. They live and breathe their art, spending all their time sourcing the best ingredients and working tirelessly to create new cooking methods or dishes in the kitchen.   I find their passion inspiringly intoxicating. One episode that actually made me giddy was one about Grant Achatz, and his restaurant, Alinea in Chicago.   His story is nothing short of inspiring and his food, what I would call, multi- sensory art.   After Grant was diagnosed with a chef’s worst nightmare, cancer of the mouth, he was told by the first doctor that he would need to remove his tongue. He was ready to die. That is like telling a prima...

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Tap Into The Power of New Moon!!!! 0

Tap Into The Power of New Moon!!!!

Posted by on Jun 23, 2017

The NEW MOON occurs tonight, Friday, June 23, 2017, at 10:31 PM EDT! And this is a powerful time to set intentions that can benefit you well beyond this Moon cycle. Before you do that though, remember the accomplishments you brought to light last week. I sooooo enjoyed reading about all your success!!! You really inspired me!!! What you achieved was incredible! So, what’s next? And, I want to challenge you NOT to choose something you think you SHOULD do, but something that your heart truly desires. What could you manifest next that would fill you with joy??? Just pick one thing! Now, how would you feel if that happened??? Try this quick meditation before bed tonight. It helps you quickly get in touch with how you would feel if what you desire most was happening. That is the best way to harness The Law of Attraction! As it works with feelings, not words! Take just 5 minutes and sync your intentions with the power of this New Moon!!! New Moon Meditation As long as you do it after 10:31 pm you are good!!! To Moon Magic;)...

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An Exercise to Energize You for Daylight Savings! 0

An Exercise to Energize You for Daylight Savings!

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017

We are gaining more light, yay!  But we lost an hour yesterday ;( I certainly had trouble waking up yesterday, so to make this Monday morning a little easier for us all, I created this exercise. Do this quick energizing exercise, it’s just three minutes, to help your body adjust to the time change. Do it this morning between 7-9 a.m. to increase your energy and get your body adjusted to the new time. Much power and energy, Lara...

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Today Donald Trump becomes president. 0

Today Donald Trump becomes president.

Posted by on Jan 25, 2017

Today Donald Trump becomes president. While my heart sank, as I watched the news this morning, my husband was excited about the future. Yes, I live with a Trump supporter, while I voted for Hillary. And, I am not alone, I have a friend and respected energy practitioner who is in the same situation, her husband and his entire family voted for Trump. Somehow, I think we are being called, all of us, to better understand the needs and motivations of the other side so that we can come together at some point. As I shared in one of my last emails, the clearing that my private clients needed post-election was- Crown/7th Chakra, which represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. And, the mantra that helps heal imbalances in the Crown Chakra- “I am One With All That Is.” In the Online Class About Manifesting I did Wednesday night, I went into a deeper explanation of how this thought is practically and spiritually possible and how our connection is the vehicle through which we manifest. I also explained in depth how The Law of Attraction works with feelings not words, or thoughts. And, how Upset can be access to new understanding and growth, if you are willing to...

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