The Decadent Gift I Gave Myself 0

The Decadent Gift I Gave Myself

Posted by on Jun 28, 2017

Today is my birthday! And to celebrate it, I want to share a story with you that I hope will inspire you to live your passion!   Over the winter my husband and I got into this Netflix series called The Chef’s Table.   This series is incredibly inspiring, as it gets into the head and heart of pure genius, the small number of chefs who have received three Michelin Stars.   These are the Mozart’s of cooking. One might think these chefs mad, as they are driven by their soul’s passion for food and the all-encompassing pursuit of perfection. They live and breathe their art, spending all their time sourcing the best ingredients and working tirelessly to create new cooking methods or dishes in the kitchen.   I find their passion inspiringly intoxicating. One episode that actually made me giddy was one about Grant Achatz, and his restaurant, Alinea in Chicago.   His story is nothing short of inspiring and his food, what I would call, multi- sensory art.   After Grant was diagnosed with a chef’s worst nightmare, cancer of the mouth, he was told by the first doctor that he would need to remove his tongue. He was ready to die. That is like telling a prima...

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The Joys of Italy!! 0

The Joys of Italy!!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2017

The Joys of Italy!!   Well, of course, the food!!!   It’s so fresh.  The farming practices have been passed down from generations which give them a commitment to growing the best natural food.  Most farmers are non-GMO.   You can taste the unadulterated sweetness of the tomatoes, lemons and onions here. Nothing in the US compares.     Excited by all the amazing tastes and flavors, my husband and I always try to eat three meals here and usually end up feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. We are the Americans overdoing it, lol!   The waiters that know us in our favorite Capri restaurants now stop us, saying, “Just get this; otherwise, too much food!”     The food is made without preservatives too, so you buy only what you are going to eat today and the next.   There is value in taking advantage of the present and having the best and doing the best in the moment. Even when the Italians are frustrated by something, they pride themselves on having heart and being gracious. It’s their beautiful way.     They invest in quality and spend their money buying high-quality furniture, sheets and clothing that lasts. While they may only have a few pieces in their closet,...

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How to Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and Well Being 0

How to Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and Well Being

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016

How to Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and Well Being Ever wonder why 2 people can get exposed to the same virus or infection and only one person gets sick? If you are the one who gets sick, it’s most likely because your body was already taxed by unperceived stressors. You just get sick; you don’t really grasp that your poor body’s resistance was down because you: Took a new boxing class and were sore from it, then Ate pesticides on the salad you had out with a friend, then Got some stressful news at work and had trouble getting to sleep. These are all natural things that happen in your modern day life, and if your body encountered just one of those stressors, your immune system could have probably beat the virus, but the combo had your body working overtime and weakened your defense. How much mechanical, chemical, environmental and emotional stress you encounter and how your body handles it determines whether you feel tired, get sick or stay healthy. In your modern day life, mechanical stress generally comes in the form of activity that is outside of your normal scope. When you do a new activity for too long or too vigorously you...

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Bloated, Constipated or Feeling Depleted? 0

Bloated, Constipated or Feeling Depleted?

Posted by on Oct 12, 2014

Bloated, Constipated or Feeling Depleted? As I have been telling you, it’s Fall, the Metal Season, and the Metal Element in The Chinese Acupuncture System relates to the lungs and large intestine meridians. In my last blog, I shared the emotions associated with the lungs, grief and inspiration, and with the large intestine, letting go and taking in. Today, I would like to provide some help with balancing the physical functions of these meridians and organs. So many of my clients have been coming in with colds, coughs, allergies, headaches and constipation:( ‘Tis the season! I recently shot some videos for a friend’s detox program, and I would like to give you all access to them, so you can benefit from these exercises as well Below are my favorite, super quick, easy and mucho effective exercises to– Boost your energy Help move tiring toxins out of your body Alleviate any emotional stress, pressure or resistance you have about detoxing Please do these 3 exercises daily; they All take UNDER 3 minutes to do, and give you a big bang for your this small time investment! To increase your energy: Do the Quick Energy Booster- Once you learn this exercise, you can do it all day long to bring energy...

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So, I got married! 0

So, I got married!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014

So, I got married! I got married over the weekend to the man who is nothing I ever expected and everything I always dreamed. It was really quite amazing, I recently found the list of qualities I had written about the man I wanted to attract to be my husband, and my Joe is EVERYTHING on the list, but he expresses those qualities in ways I never would have expected or imagined. For example, one of the qualities I wanted in a man was creativity. I was a dancer and grew up around creative people in the art schools I attended, and it was important to me that we both have some sort of creative outlet. Joe is the antithesis of artsy, LOL, but he loves to cook, and luckily for me, he is an amazing chef! He expresses his creativity through his food, and we are both total Foodies, so I am beyond grateful, his talent and joy gets expressed over the dining table! He is, in so many ways, nothing I ever expected and everything I always dreamed. I am sharing all this because its sometimes tricky to think about what we want in general ways without attachment to a specific expectation. Thinking about the qualities and...

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My Favorite, Fabulous, under 300 Calorie Breakfast to Help me Pare Down for my Cleanse! 0

My Favorite, Fabulous, under 300 Calorie Breakfast to Help me Pare Down for my Cleanse!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013

My Favorite, Fabulous, under 300 Calorie Breakfast to Help me Pare Down for my Cleanse! I am paring down for my cleanse starting on Monday with Terri and Dr L, and this is a great step toward it, and darn yummy too! Check out this link if you are still thinking about joining us- 1. Saute chopped shallots in a small amount, half a teaspoon, of ghee, butter or olive oil till brown on the edges. 2. Toast a piece of gluten free, my choice, or 7-grain bread if you are OK with wheat, while you do this. 3. Scramble 1 egg white and 1 full egg in the pan with the shallots, add a half teaspoon of goat cheese and mix it in. Cook your eggs to your liking; I like mine a little wet. 4. Place the eggs on top of your slice of bread and sprinkle my secret ingredient, truffle salt ! on top with a little black pepper! Enjoy this hearty, delicious, satisfying, low-cal breakfast. It’s my favorite! -1 egg is about 70 calories -1 slice of bread, check your package, is about 70 calories – Half a teaspoon of goat cheese is approximately 7 calories Below is a link to my favorite brand...

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