How Depression and Sheryl Sandburg Gave Me Joy! 0

How Depression and Sheryl Sandburg Gave Me Joy!

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017

I rarely get depressed these days, but I found myself feeling that way off and on last week. It felt like the Universe was working against everything I was trying to accomplish. And I had no drive or energy to push. I would feel better after doing energy work, then wake up the next day feeling like I had to pull myself out of the muck again. Since Mercury is retrograde, I figured it was better use of my energy to surrender my expectations, take pressure off, postpone my new website launch and focus on taking care of myself, doing the things that bring me joy instead. Knowing like attracts like, I knew if I was able to change my mood, it would effect my results. I felt better and had a HUGE epiphany! Why not make these joy producing activities priority? Life is too short! Life really can be too short. Sunday night, I had the privilege of being at The 92nd St Y’s discussion lead by Katie Couric with Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant about their new book. Option B, Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy. It is about the tools and coping mechanisms Sheryl discovered and used after her husband died suddenly a few years...

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I have a dream … 0

I have a dream …

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017

I have a dream… ( In honor of Martin Luther King ) I have a dream that you recognise and know your power to create change in your own life and in the world. I have a dream that you will overcome suffering by recognising how upsetting circumstances spur your growth. I have a dream that you will see the bigger picture and choose actions that are in alignment with moving toward your goals versus your feelings in the moment. I have a dream that you will be able to trust your highest self and your connection to your Divine Source and All That Is. I have a dream that you will give up old expectations, appreciate what you have and feel complete within yourself. I have a dream that you will be unthwarted by the human limits of mass consciousness and do your best to remain conscious and present to the possibilities in the moment. I have a dream that you will know the love available to you in your own heart and in your life and feel how much you have to give. I have a dream that you will be able to let go of feeling as though you don’t have enough and to share all...

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Today Donald Trump becomes president. 0

Today Donald Trump becomes president.

Posted by on Jan 25, 2017

Today Donald Trump becomes president. While my heart sank, as I watched the news this morning, my husband was excited about the future. Yes, I live with a Trump supporter, while I voted for Hillary. And, I am not alone, I have a friend and respected energy practitioner who is in the same situation, her husband and his entire family voted for Trump. Somehow, I think we are being called, all of us, to better understand the needs and motivations of the other side so that we can come together at some point. As I shared in one of my last emails, the clearing that my private clients needed post-election was- Crown/7th Chakra, which represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. And, the mantra that helps heal imbalances in the Crown Chakra- “I am One With All That Is.” In the Online Class About Manifesting I did Wednesday night, I went into a deeper explanation of how this thought is practically and spiritually possible and how our connection is the vehicle through which we manifest. I also explained in depth how The Law of Attraction works with feelings not words, or thoughts. And, how Upset can be access to new understanding and growth, if you are willing to...

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Helping you find strength and peace in the aftermath of terrorism 0

Helping you find strength and peace in the aftermath of terrorism

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015

Helping you find strength and peace in the aftermath of terrorism The tragic events in Paris are eliciting fear, loss and panic all over the world. I have found myself hyper aware of loud noises and sirens over the past two days. My husband is on edge, and I received several anxiety ridden text messages from friends and clients struggling with the fears brought up by what happened. In my work with trauma survivors, whether it is childhood trauma or more recent, I have helped my clients utilize 3 steps to find their strength in the face of traumatic memories or feelings. They are outlined with examples in the video below. And, here is a stress relief tapping sequence to help you calm down and get present to your current, safe reality, your personal power and your connection to the Divine. On 60 Minutes last night, they interviewed a lucky gentleman who was shot in the back at the concert hall where one of the attacks took place. The bullet went in and out of his body without damaging any muscles or bones. It just missed his spinal cord. Doctors remarked on his incredible luck. And, the terrorism expert they interviewed said something went wrong at the stadium. The...

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How Faith Got Me Thru It 0

How Faith Got Me Thru It

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015

How Faith Got Me Thru It Did you experience it too? Mon thru Wed last week, I had trouble shaking what I called heaviness. I even said to my husband, “maybe I am depressed?” He was complaining of feeling overly tired and not himself too, and several of my clients came in feeling “off” One of them said she was feeling, “flat,” which was a great description of this pervading feeling. This awful feeling would lift when I tapped or got emotional relief with one of the other exercises I have shared with you for a time, but then it would, annoyingly, come back. It’s pervasiveness made me think it may have been environmental; my guess-it was the effect of the abrupt end of daylight savings time and darkness setting in dramatically earlier. Whatever the cause, the solution surprised me. After the third day of this, I had to get help. Before I went to bed, I gave this problem over to a Higher Power. I asked God and angels to help me wake feeling restored, with renewed energy and joy. To my relief and surprise, It worked! I woke feeling energized and happy again; thank God, literally. Letting go and letting God, having faith, can be healing on...

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How to Accept All of You

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015

How to Accept All of You During some of our last precious moments together, I asked my mom if there were any words of wisdom she wanted to share. She looked at the pictures of her grand kids, as she said, “You have to let everyone be who they are!” My mom encouraged us to do what we loved without judgment. She questioned us to find out our opinions and feelings on different things, and she agreed to disagree, always respecting our perspective. She accepted us for who we were. In that moment I realized just how wise she was. Thomas Anthony Harris wrote one of the best selling self-help books ever published titled, I’m OK, You’re Ok. In Harris suggests that a person’s psychological state seems to change in response to different situations. And, he sites 4 different life positions: I’m Not OK, You’re OK I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK I’m OK, You’re Not OK I’m OK, You’re OK Obviously, the most desirable position is #4 in which you decide both you and others are valuable. You let others know that you appreciate their strengths, as you appreciate your own. And, while this seems easy when reading this, I know there have been moments when I have...

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