Yo! We Going Retro!!!! 0

Yo! We Going Retro!!!!

Posted by on Aug 14, 2017

This past week, I slipped into an old pattern that I thought I had overcome and paid the price. Several of my clients also slipped backward this week. It was like The Universe was sending lessons, a final reminder to not look back and to continue to move forward no matter how comfortable the old ways may have been in the past, they are now NOT working! And, then I looked at the calendar and guess what happened yesterday?! Mercury went retro! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are in another retrograde, but you may have already been feeling the pre-phases of it like us. The pre-shadow began two weeks ago. I’ve been enjoying taking out more time to take care of myself and enjoy my family and friends. Then, last week, my husband was away, and I used this as an excuse to fall back into my old pattern and overbook myself. I was exhausted, had no time to work out or tidy my apt. My back and neck seized up, and I got really short tempered with my well-meaning brother on the phone one night. My body and temper were telling me, “Enough of this already, I just don’t want to live this way anymore! Don’t go backward!”...

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Holy Allergies! How to Better Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and and Well Being 0

Holy Allergies! How to Better Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and and Well Being

Posted by on Aug 3, 2017

I was so tired a week ago. It was super humid in NY, and I felt totally wiped out, and the cough I had from my pollen allergy was activated again!!!! Ugh!  I thought I had beat it. I had been taking my supplements, and it had gotten better, virtually disappeared, so what happened? And, why are some of my clients suffering from allergies and others, not at all? Some of it is predisposition, and some of it is the cumulation of many different stress factors. See, what I didn’t tell you is that I moved apartments the weekend before. We moved to an apt with a better lay out and view in our building, a great move, but a move non-the-less. Despite the fact that we hired movers,  it was complete with lots of bending over, lifting things, inhaling dust, eating fast food and the emotional stress of feeling unsettled and not knowing where anything was for a few days. Allergies, just like viruses, tend to affect you more If your body is already taxed by unperceived stressors. You just get more watery eyes or an itchy throat like me, or if you were exposed to a virus, a cold if your body’s resistance is down. And, your...

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Bam! I Was Hit By The Boomerang Effect! 0

Bam! I Was Hit By The Boomerang Effect!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2017

I have been so relaxed, then these waves of anxiety got me last week accompanied by really dramatic and unrealistic fears that did not make sense. It was so strange. I was perplexed. Then, I found a letter I had written to myself last summer at Soul Camp. Each year, they have you write a letter to yourself and share some wisdom you gained there and don’t want to forget. My letter was urging me to take the time to receive the goodnesses in life more and to do more of the things that fill me up, like the yoga, massages and connecting with quality friends that I soooo enjoyed doing at Soul Camp. I was touched to tears reading this because I have been following those directives and carving out space to take better care of myself, that is why I think I felt this crazy anxiety! Bam! Boomerang Effect! It was like my central nervous system’s knee jerk reaction, saying, “Wait! Are you sure it’s totally safe to relax and to enjoy yourself so much? Shouldn’t you be watching to make sure the other shoe doesn’t drop?” Boy do subconscious patterns die hard! So I did an energy session (I do practice what I preach), and I...

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Calm Before You Carry On Comments Off on Calm Before You Carry On

Calm Before You Carry On

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

Back from my vacation in Italy and noticing, as my week progressed, my calm vacation attitude was being challenged. Nothing bad or stressful had happened. I just had lots to do, managing my client schedule plus three other projects. In our busy lives with so much to keep track of and to manage, your central nervous system can get overwhelmed. And in busy cities, like New York, your central nervous system is already being bombarded with noise bouncing off the metal buildings, electromagnetic frequencies from cell towers and people in your space all the time. Just the normal everyday stimuli can be stressful and coupled with any extra pressure, downright overwhelming. The 30-second exercise in my blog has been helping me calm my central nervous system and return to a state of relaxation. It’s helped me return to calm so that I can carry on with more ease and grace;) Cheers to peace 😉...

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The Joys of Italy!! 0

The Joys of Italy!!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2017

The Joys of Italy!!   Well, of course, the food!!!   It’s so fresh.  The farming practices have been passed down from generations which give them a commitment to growing the best natural food.  Most farmers are non-GMO.   You can taste the unadulterated sweetness of the tomatoes, lemons and onions here. Nothing in the US compares.     Excited by all the amazing tastes and flavors, my husband and I always try to eat three meals here and usually end up feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. We are the Americans overdoing it, lol!   The waiters that know us in our favorite Capri restaurants now stop us, saying, “Just get this; otherwise, too much food!”     The food is made without preservatives too, so you buy only what you are going to eat today and the next.   There is value in taking advantage of the present and having the best and doing the best in the moment. Even when the Italians are frustrated by something, they pride themselves on having heart and being gracious. It’s their beautiful way.     They invest in quality and spend their money buying high-quality furniture, sheets and clothing that lasts. While they may only have a few pieces in their closet,...

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Short on Time? How to Instantly Create More ;) 0

Short on Time? How to Instantly Create More ;)

Posted by on May 17, 2017

Tis a busy season for a lot of you with graduations, end of school year events, weddings, prepping summer homes and getting ready for your own vacations. Find yourself revved into a stress stage just pre-planning everything you need to do? Putting too much pressure on yourself to get too much done in too little time? Feeling afraid you won’t have enough time? I created this super quick and easy Tapping for Time exercise to help calm both you and me down when we have lengthy to-do lists with impending time pressures. It’s helped me get more done in less time! While time is finite, we can expand our experience of it. Anxiety and worry have a tendency to make everything more difficult. When you are stressed your mental capacity is hindered because your primal response is to send energy and resources to your limbs to power your fight or flight. Tapping these meridian points from The Chinese Acupuncture System helps your body calm down. Since there probably isn’t a lion, tiger or bear chasing you, it would be best to calm your body’s innate response, so you can send blood and oxygen back to your brain, improve your cognitive function, think more clearly, and solve problems faster. The more...

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