How to Clear Negative Energy Off Your Body and Out of Your Home

Spring Cleaning Anyone? I have gotten many requests for this.

I had heard people talking about negative energies affecting them, but I didn’t really believe this was a real concern, until it happened to me.

Years ago, all of a sudden, I was REALLY feeling “off,” tired AND depressed, and I couldn’t figure out why.  I was getting enough sleep, didn’t feel sick, and there was no good reason for me to feel depressed, as life was pretty good at the time.  After days of this, I got the idea to check to see if there was any “bad” energy in my apt.  I muscle tested, as I walked around my apt, and when I got close to my bed, all my tests were weak.

All around my bed and into the corner of my room, my body was weakened.  I freaked out. Whatever this weird energy was, it was like kryptonite, and I was SLEEPING IN IT! Yikes! 

I cleaned the room the same way I do in this meditation you can use and download for your own home.


Then, I muscle tested the room and found I remained strong, even on or by the bed.  Grateful, and finally rested, I woke up the next day feeling like myself again.  And, I found out a few days later, that someone had been killed in a freak car accident in the early morning a few days before, the morning of the first day I was feeling bad.  Maybe a coincidence, maybe not?

The New York, realistic part of me always wonders if this sort of thing is real, or if my mind is making it up.  I got confirmation this past year.

We had just moved into our new apartment, and I was feeling that same crappy feeling when I woke up.  I was doing energy work to pull myself out of it, and would feel better by the end of the day, so I was perplexed when  I woke up feeling like crap again. When I noticed my husband was super cranky too, it was time for an energetic house cleaning!

Sure enough, there was some negative energy in the corner of our room and all across the wall behind our bed that connected us to a neighbor.  I cleared it with the technique in the meditation, which you can get access to here to clear your own home.


When I told a trusted kinesiologist friend about it. Without telling him the location in our apt that was affected, he guessed it, and added that the energy was leaking in from our neighbor who was depressed and struggling.  We found out a few days later, our neighbor was a recovering addict who has fallen off the wagon.

I added protection around our apt after I heard this news, which I also show you how to do in addition to the clearing in the meditation.

It’s a good idea to give yourself and your home an energy clearing every season.  And, more frequently if you feel “off.” 

Some signs you or your home might be affected:

  • Waking up tired or depressed without a good reason.
  • Feeling worse in your home and better when you are out in the world, away from home.
  • Feeling a heaviness in your home.
  • Noticing your husband, kids, roommates or animals are more agitated, depressed or cranky.

Here is a link to two exercises to help you clean both your own energy field and your home:


Feel free to write me with any questions.

And, know you have the power to clear your home and to protect it!

The Force is With You!

Much love and peace,

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