Relief from Emotional Upset and Stress

What does a session with Lara entail?

In an initial 90-Minute session, we:

  1. Reveal what is under the surface of your emotional and/or physical challenges? We discuss any emotional and/or physical stress you are feeling and rate its degree of discomfort.
  2. Release the daily effects of stress by using several techniques including the Chinese meridian system and the Ayurveda chakra system to calm, ground, and balance your energy.  The energy systems in your body can be taxed from known and unknown emotional, chemical, physical, and mental stressors.  Balancing these energy systems can release tense muscles, calm your mind, and energize your body.
  3. Rewire limiting beliefs and emotional reactivity by balancing your body’s energy systems with a more positive mindset. This can help you more easily maintain your mental capacity, physical grounding, and emotional resolve when faced with chronic stress.
  4. Reassess the emotional and/or physical stresses that were highlighted at the beginning of the session.
  5. Reinforce the results we achieved during the session with a customized home program, which includes written instructions, videos, and essential oils when applicable.


The investment for the 90-minute session plus your customized home program is $295, and I honor my money back guarantee. If you do not feel a difference in your physical discomfort, emotional stress level or outlook by the end of our session, then you don’t pay.

If we find we have a good connection and you feel this is a modality that resonates with you, we can discuss successive work together.

Stress reactions and limiting beliefs have their origins in your history; they can be layered and  many years old. So while you may feel a physical change in our session, it may take time to maintain that same balance when you are faced with the daily stressors of your life. If you have a specific physical or life goal on which you want to focus, I suggest coming for 3 months 2-4xs a month for either 75 minute ($295), 60 minute ($235) or 45 minute ($175) sessions, the length and frequency of which we can determine together based on your needs, history, goals and budget. You always receive a new customized action plan, which includes any videos or essential oils you may need with each session.

At the end of each month, we will be able to see if there are clear, palpable changes in your over all energy levels, stress levels, sleep, emotional reactivity, your daily mindset and your life experience.

Here’s to helping you being your most energetic, balanced self!


What Lara’s Clients Say

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