Some Energy, Love and Light to Help with the Darkness

So yesterday I was feeling bummed out because of the latest news events and the gloomy weather, until I read this from my friend and amazing angel channeler, Laurel Bleadon-Maffei. 

If the angel part freaks you out, please read on because what she proposed was so effective it turned my entire day around and my frown upside down;)

“When these things (tragedy) happen, I ask “what can I do?” and the angels encourage me to focus on the things over which I have dominion. They say to be extra kind to each other. Hold open doors. Let people merge in traffic. Help your neighbor with their groceries. Do what you can to ripple kindness, compassion and love into the world.

While this cannot solve the world’s problems, it does allow you to step back into your power and ripple goodness where you can. If each person and each moment is an embodiment of the Universe, then touching just one person’s heart for a moment can mean everything.

Have you ever been walking through a public space like a grocery store or post office and noticed someone wearing something beautiful and said, “That is a gorgeous blouse you are wearing…” or “That color looks amazing on you.” and watched their whole demeanor brighten? Suddenly they are walking differently. They are witnessed and they exist.” Laurel Bleadon-Maffei. 

So yesterday on my break, after reading this, I decided to fill myself up on something I loved, a healthy taco, and my favorite almond milk cappuccino, and got the chance to remark on the beautiful Spanish song the cashier was singing because the restaurant’s internet was out, and they had no music.  I knew it was her favorite, because she sang it with such joy!  When I complimented her, she said,

“Yes, I have my music inside;)”

LOVING THAT!!!  Inspired I walked out and to my favorite coffee shop only to find the barista had the most beautiful lavender colored nails!

Despite the gloomy weather, I was now seeing the color, love and light usually present in my day again!!!

Thank you Laurel! Thank you inspiring cashier and beautiful barista!!! You turned my day around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I challenge you today to look for the color, light and love around you.  Because if you aren’t looking for it, you might miss it!

And, if you are struggling to find your light, play your favorite song tonight, as you do the energy exercise in this video. It activates a system called your Radiant Circuits, which are responsible for helping you experience joy and inspiration!

And, please do write me back and let me know what you discover with this awareness!  I would love to hear some inspirational stories about your day!

So much joy and love,


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