Essential Oils Chakra Balancing Workshop

Do you know what’s in your chakras?

I didn’t. In fact when I started doing energy work 10 years ago as a way to overcome my chronic fatigue, I had absolutely no idea what a chakra even was! And, yet they were an integral part of getting me better.

Today, they are a key part of all my sessions with my clients. If I only have time to work with one system, I choose chakras because balancing them has the most wide reaching effects and benefits.

Have you ever felt stuck?

Felt like you just couldn’t move beyond some actual limitation or circumstance?

Old emotional information is held in your chakras, and once it’s cleared, it can free you dramatically from health and life issues in amazing ways!

The 7 chakras are centers in our body through which energy flows. Chakras hold memories energetically. An imprint of every important or emotionally significant event you have experienced is recorded in your chakras.

Held in your chakras is your history, the obstacles to your growth, your vulnerabilities to illnesses and your soul’s longing.

– Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

Just think about how much baggage you may be unnecessarily carrying around

Clearing past energies which no longer serve you from your chakras, can alleviate physical pain, emotional distress and free you up to make the changes you want to initiate in your life. Each chakra works with the organs that surround it, and each has specific energetic / emotional issues they govern.

Balancing your chakras can also enhance your…

  • life force / energy (Root Chakra)
  • creativity (Womb Chakra)
  • assertiveness and independence (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • ability to love and to be compassionate (Heart Chakra)
  • ability to speak your truth (Throat Chakra)
  • ability to transcend your past story (Third Eye Chakra)
  • connection to the Universe and your own Spirit (Crown Chakra)

To discover how to clear old emotional information out of your chakras and free yourself from your past, I invite you to join me for a LIVE Essential Oils Chakra Clearing at the studio in midtown Manhattan. Essential Oils are an amazing way to retrain old emotional patterns via the brain’s limbic system, and they work beautifully with the chakras.

For months I have been working on myself, trying to figure out the blocks that were holding me back from achieving my vision of Abundance in all categories of my life. I would always receive glimpses of it, but consistency is key. Instantly I felt drawn to Lara Touch and her teachings, I trusted through her Chakra Workshop I would get access to my blocks. Sure enough, after a full day of this teaching, I cracked wide open. With in two days, I was on the phone with my biological father I had never met, with in three days I was in the car to Canada to have a heart opening conversation with my mom. This Chakra Workshop truly allowed me to open up to a conversation and healing that I was unable to have for 33 years. The Lara Touch Method is Key to releasing what we all emotionally hold onto in our bodies AKA (Chakras)!!
– Elisa Gorman, Social Media Expert, CT

I was hesitant about taking this Oils Workshop, because I’m also a healer and was concerned that you might be a scam, and concerned about spending the money. What surprised me is that in the workshop I learned what oil works best for each chakra! And also because it was a small group, I loved the individual attention for my specific issues. I felt really safe to express myself which is huge for me because I’m shy. And I really enjoyed meeting like-minded people. This class really helped me move through my money issues, my career and also gave me some insight into why I’m still single.

Christine Rupprecht, Writer/Actor/Producer, New York, NY

This workshop was something I wanted to do to help me clear blocks that I have to achieving some specific goals in my life. I was dealign with issues of love, trust, confidentce and honestly the courage to ask for what I wanted. I’m so glad I decided to attend this class. I loved the ton, safe space that Lara provided. The exercises we did on clearing the chakras and how I felt so afterwards— I felt so centered, and focused about next steps and what I needed to address in my career and relationships.

Carolyn Punter, Marketing Officer for Antigua & Barbuda Tourist Board, New York, NY

Live Essential Oils Workshop – October 3rd & New Online Oils Workshop October 5th & 10th

Come discover what limiting beliefs you have learned from your parents about money, well being, career, happiness, love, relationships and self esteem, and clear them from your chakra system, so you can give yourself the vitality, space and emotional freedom to live your own life on your terms!

I’ve heard from many folks who couldn’t be here live and wanted me to offer an online version, so I’m doing just that! If you can’t make it to the LIVE class, I’m offering a special online oils workshop just for you. This online class will be 2 nights at 2 hours each with an additional 30 minutes for Q & A . It will have all the same material as the live class, it just will be online. You can either come pick up your oils before the class or we can mail them to you for a small shipping fee.

It would be best for you to come to the live class.

Plus, discover the energizing and grounding power of essential oils and get:

  • Spruce oil to stimulate and energize the Adrenals and Kidney meridian for an immediate energy boost anywhere any time! (VALUE $12.99)
  • 7 oils to help clear energy from your 7 chakras. Doing this clearing and meditation will help you release just about any emotional stress or block, as it allows you to tap into the energy centers, which hold old emotional patterns. You will discover how well this 10 minute exercise works to let go of emotional patterns which are keeping you stuck and the video to be able to duplicate the results on your own for other issues. (VALUE $49.99)

The total value of the oils alone is $62.98! And, my workshops alone are $149, but I am extending a special offer to you. I want you to get all the oils and videos, AND an entire day of interactive discovery with me, which would normally be $149 for JUST $97!! That’s a $52 savings! Plus you’re getting the oils for free, which is another $30+ savings. (Note: If you’re taking the online class, there will be a small shipping fee to get the oils out to you, unless you can come by and pick them up. Not to worry, we will connect with you and ensure you have everything you need for the workshop!)

Essentials Oils Class Info:
When: LIVE CLASS Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, 11am-5pm
OR ONLINE CLASS Monday, October 5th & 12th, 7-9:30pm
Where: The Lara Touch Studio 170 E 61st, btwn 3rd and Lex, 2nd Floor (Buzzer #5)
Cost: $97

Because of the intimate nature of this work, I can only take a limited number of people. So I can give each person attention and support, Live Oil Class is limited to 16 people.

The Online Oil Class is limited to 30 people. 
NOTE–You have to SIGN UP BY OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30 so we can ensure you have the oils for the class. This class will be two nights and each class will be 2 hours. The class will be held at with an additional 30 minutes for Q & A. Here are the times: 7pm – 9pm and 9- 9:30 Q&A

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Big Bonus for the First 5 People to Sign Up!

If you’re one of the first 5 people to sign up I will give you a 15 minute FREE One on One oil clearing with me. ($65 Value) Just click on the “Register Now” button.

Keep in mind, this class ALWAYS sells out fast. So please don’t delay in signing up. I don’t want you to be upset because you missed out. Just hit the “Register Now” button below and I can’t wait to see you there!

–15 minute oil clearing on the issue of your choice–

With Appreciation


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I wanted to expand my awareness of my chakras and using oils. What I really enjoyed about this class was the testing and learning where my limitations were, and of course learning about the oils and cleansing processes. By using the oils combined with tapping, I was really able to feel what was coming up in m y body, and aware of my patterns, even though I thought I worked through them. This class was immensely helpful!

Shama Shanani, Shama’s Light, Staten Island, NY

Being on Lara’s email list, I get so much terrific information and things I can do to really help me, relieve stress, healing certain issues. So when I saw the email about this workshop, I had to come. It would be the chance to discover more about oils, my chakras and how it can help my own healing. I’m so glad I took the class! It definitely helped me recognize some issues I was still having. And now I have the oils and know the processes in order to release these things and balance my chakras. I would totally recommend this course!

Shannon McCaffery,, Richmond, VA

Remember, sign up now, don’t wait. This is a special offer just for you since you are on my list. I want you to be able to take advantage of it today.

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