Finding Strength and Peace after Terrorism

Got this message yesterday …

Dear Lara,
I’m always thankful for this post when days like today happen:
Thank you 💕

So, I thought I would send the exercises from this post to you again.

Terrorism is scary, and it’s natural to feel affected by it. I made this video after the disturbing attack in Paris, and the exercises in it are still providing comfort today.
In my work with trauma survivors, whether it is childhood trauma or more recent, I helped my clients utilize 3 steps to find their strength in the face of traumatic memories or feelings. They are outlined with examples in the video below.

Video 1
And, here is a stress relief tapping sequence to help you calm down and get present to your current, safe reality, your personal power and your connection to the Divine.

Video 2
I had three friends who avoided 9/11 despite the fact that they worked in the Twin Towers. All three were unusually diverted from being at work on time that morning. As a result, they luckily and miraculously were spared.

After you do the exercise above, please ask angels to help the wounded and the families and friends of the victims to heal in Las Vegas. And get into the habit of asking your angels for guidance and protection every day before you leave your home.

I believe good luck has a lot to do with Divine connection and intervention.

Much peace and connection,


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