How to Use these Simple Tools to Breakthrough Your Emotional Blocks and Create the Life You Truly Deserve. Plus, be a Part of an Inspiring Community!

Get the Tools and Support to Overcome What’s Blocking You from Having the Life You Desire. Become Part of a Community that
Will Cheer You On As Your Dreams Come True!

Dear Friend,

Are you afraid you are letting your dreams slip away?

Afraid there is something inside you that is keeping you from applying your brilliance to your life? 

Or maybe…

You feel inside you could have more for yourself, if you could just figure out what’s stopping you?

Are you worried you won’t find partnership or achieve your true potential before you get too old?

Are you sick and tired of feeling unsupported and alone?

I had all these same fears too, and I found the tools and support to help me get what I wanted, the ones that helped me…

  • Attract and marry a supportive husband who grounds, nurtures and fills me with love every day, and…
  • Expand my career into a successful business that I love!

Your success and the thrill of seeing you break through the emotional blocks to live your best life are the reason I love what I do!

Your success inspires me like crazy! 


Success Story: “This was a Game Changer!”

Terri Cole Licensed Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Author, & Motivational Speaker

I went to see Lara from The Lara Touch Studio during a very challenging time in my life and our work together was a game changer for me. In the last decade, I have referred many of my psychotherapy clients to Lara with amazing results. I have never known a more intuitive healer who can quickly and accurately get to the core issue and offer real solutions. Her Radiance workout classes are also like nothing you have ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and check out The Lara Touch Studio. You will thank me!

By now, you most likely have experienced the power of my exercises or tools and are using them to help you feel better – so am I!  But it’s so easy to get off track and to abandon your most helpful practices.

Your human nature resists even positive practices and change because it is unfamiliar and threatens your status quo.

I always need support to keep up good work and to stay focused on achieving what I want because I often get so easily distracted.

That’s why I do workshops and teach classes – so I have an outlet to do this work WITH you. It has continued to give me everything I wanted and I am ready for more. How about you?

That’s why I want to introduce you to The Lara Touch Monthly Membership!

If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to clear any block in your way and have you best life, I am with you. So let’s build a community together to support you!

In the Lara Touch Monthly Membership, you will get a monthly class, tools you can use daily and LIVE support to help you overcome what’s stopping you. The best thing about this is it will help you stay on track, focused, and in the manifesting mode for your life, your work, and your relationships!

Here’s the thing — You don’t have to do it on your own! And I don’t want you to wait or have to suffer through the process of getting what you want all by yourself. 

You will never do anything you think you, “should,” do. Instead, you will only do things that inspire you and make you feel good!

So join me and my community of like- minded, forward moving women and get the tools and cheer-leading you need each day to rock your dharma and live your best life now!

Here’s Exactly What’s Included in Your Membership:

1) Monthly Live Online Deep Dive Class (Value: $59): Each month, we are doing a deep dive into how to best overcome issues with which you have told me you struggle. You will get both a quick morning energizing and empowering routine as well as an evening calming and balancing routine to help reinforce the breakthroughs you have in each online class. This way you can easily empower change and success in your every day life!

When you join, you will have the chance to make requests on future topics, so you get your needs met and your problems solved.

2) Discounts on The Lara Touch Products & Services (Quarterly Workshops alone, you save $398!):

  • SAVE 10% on single sessions with Lara- Reg Investment $250, your Member Investment JUST $225, with The Lara Touch Team (Kelli or JoyLynn) Reg Investment $150, your Member rate JUST $95.
  • Save 20% on all crystal beds
  • Save 50% off all workshops, SAVE $100 on all Quarterly Workshops!

Workshops coming soon:

  • Balance Your Chakras with Essential Oils
  • Release Emotional Blocks and Energize Your Body and Future
  • Tapping – Discover the Energizing Way to Tap Upsets Away and Energize Your Body and Your Life


3) The Lara Touch Library of Energy Solutions (Value: OMG! Over $499!): My library of energy solutions for everything from a hangover to relief from PMS to overcoming overwhelm, anxiety and insomnia. When you are struggling, you can simply go to your membership page and search by problem for your energetic solution!

As a valued member of my community, I wanted to give you something that you could easily manage within your budget each month and give you tons of value.

In Summary Here’s What You Get With Your Membership:

  • Monthly Live Online Deep Dive Training (Value: $59)
  • Discounts on The Lara Touch Products & Services – SAVE 20% on all one-on-one- sessions online and LIVE and get 50% off all workshops. (Quarterly Workshops alone, you save $398!)
  • Lara Touch Library of Energy Solutions (Value: OMG! Over $499! Actually, Priceless)

I struggled with how much to price this on a monthly basis because the value alone is over $1000. And after talking to my staff and really digging in, I decided to make this incredibly affordable, so to join The Lara Touch monthly membership it’s only $29.97 per month and it’s a steal!

Join The Lara Touch monthly membership now for only 29.97 a month!


Monthly Membership Deep Dive Class Topics 2016:



September – How to Find Work/Life Balance and use Astrology to Your Advantage! Tuesday, September 6 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

October – How to Free Yourself from Your Family’s Past and Trust Your Desires Can Manifest In Your Future, Tuesday, October 4 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

November – How to Manifest More with Gratitude, Tuesday, November 1 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

December – Avoid Family Conflict and Enjoy Your Loved Ones, Tuesday, December 6 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

This Month’s Deep Dive Class Topic: Avoid Family Conflict and Enjoy Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season!

And, I will also be discussing The Law of Attraction, As It Relates To The Recent Election, and how to take part in manifesting positive change!

Tuesday, December 6 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

In this online class you will:

  • Do an exercise to help you get present to how you can enjoy your family, even if you have experienced conflict around the holidays in the past.
  • Explore what is important to you and your family during the holidays.
  • Discover how to ask for what you need and to set boundaries in a way which respects and honors everyone’s point of view.
  • Understand how you can have an impact on our future by utilizing the Creative Process that is The Law of Attraction.


It’s always best to experience the magic LIVE, so you can ask questions and be a part of the group energy. Don’t worry if you have to miss one, they all will be taped, and the link to view it and download it will be emailed to you the next day.

Before you make up your mind, I need to tell you that you can purchase the classes separately, and they will be $59 each, and you will not have access to the library or membership discounts.

So don’t delay, invest in yourself today and sign up for the Lara Touch Monthly Membership now!

Sign up now before I decide to increase my monthly price, because my staff was not at all happy that I’m offering this to you at such a low price!

Just click the button below and join me and my community of like-minded, forward moving women and get the tools and cheerleading you need each month and day to rock your dharma and live your best life now!

I’ve got so much love for you! Can’t wait to share it with you in Feb in the Love Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



CASE STUDY: “Breaking My Pattern Of Self-Doubt”

Vesta Walker Performance Arist/Group Fitness Instructor

I decided to take the class to help break my pattern of self doubt. I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. I wasn’t sure if the environment was going to feel safe enough to share. I was concerned about being judged.What I loved best about this class is honestly— EVERYTHING!! The supportive environment. Lara’s honest but gentle feedback. The wonderful classmates and camaraderie. The amazing results. I have let go of so much self doubt. I’m much more in control of my mentality.


CASE STUDY: “Getting Rid of My Performance Anxiety”

Amy McNabb
Actress, NYC

Thanks to Lara’s Class, I have seen my life drastically change. In using the energy work and affirmations she provided, I have been able to increase my self -confidence and own my power as a performer and dramatically improve my relationships with my family. The exercises helped me let go of my performance anxiety- I went from being hesitant to sing one line of a song in front of the class to feeling confident while auditioning several times a week! Lara also helped me let go of the negative emotions, which were making me feel like I needed to keep my distance from my family and set healthy boundaries with them. As a result, a whole new level of communication has opened up between us! Lara’s class has changed my life and me for the better. The benefits of taking this class are endless!


CASE STUDY: “Letting Go of My Resentments”

Leora Edut Creatrix of Goddess On The Go

I’ve worked with Lara one on one and in class settings; and she is not only wise and supportive, but she has helped me to shift the anxiety that I used to wake up with every morning. Through the techniques she taught me, I have learned that I am able to release any feeling of overwhelm and trust that I can handle everything with ease. It has shifted something in my nervous system, and now I wake up feeling calm and happy. She has helped me to let get of resentment and open my heart up to love. I have also tripled my business by using the manifesting exercises I learned from Lara!Lara spoke at a recent Goddess-On The Go event, and everyone loved what she had to say – we all learned so much. She taught our women how to raise the energetic vibrations in their bodies, and that simply shifting our internal conversation could change the way we looked and felt about any person or situation. The exercises she gave were valuable, unique, and fun and people were energized and interested in learning more! Lara’s techniques are simple, useful for everyday life, and you get instant results – experiencing what can happen when we shift our energy and point of view.

Join The Lara Touch monthly membership now for only 29.97 a month!

“Love It or Leave It” 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Lara’s 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you find this doesn’t live up to your expectations up to 30 days after you purchase, e-mail us and we will give you your money back, no questions asked.[/three_fourth_last]


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