With the intensity of the energies we’ve been navigating, change of season and just managing all that is going on, this has been my mantra of late.

And, this is so uncharacteristic for me. I take pride in being a doer, and usually feel best when I am getting shit done, but lately, I have just wanted to take peace.This kind of thing always blows my mind. I happened to find a piece of paper I saved from Soul Camp this summer. It had the word written on it that was supposedly “my answer” to having what I intended at Soul Camp this year.

In the first night there is a cool fire burning ceremony in which you set an intention for what you want to get out of the weekend, then you partner up with someone, and they hand you this piece of paper with what will help you or be access to you having what you want.

And, this is blind, without you having shared your goal with them.

Guess what mine said? !!!!!!!!

Yup! Peace.

It made total sense at the time because my goal was a greater work/life balance. But, little did I know what it would ultimately feel like and what else I would get from it.

Soul Camp did it again, I always go to teach, but wind up learning so much for months after. Who knew taking peace …
~laying in bed thinking would yield such clarity and creativity.
~spending time with my husband doing nothing would strengthen our bond.
~laying down on the couch in my office versus doing work when I got a cancellation this week would help me be clear on something I want.

Knowing what you want takes time. With so much to do, I challenge you to take a break from it all and …

Take Peace.

Find just a few minutes and some space to do it today.

And, if you would like to get away and come to an incredibly peaceful place, Soul Camp West is just a week and a half away. And, you can still get cheap tickets to Fresno. Sorry East, but West is my favorite Soul Camp. Wonder Valley truly lives up to its name. Its natural beauty is wondrous, and the experience is wonderful with nicer accommodations and delicious food!

It’s an amazing place to Take Peace, have some “A-Ha’s” and make meaningful lifetime connections.

Much love and peace,
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