Relief from Physical Pain

What does a session with Lara entail?

In an initial 90-Minute Muscle Activation session, we:

  1. Reveal range of motion limitations and weaknesses you may not even know you have. In the first part of the session, we assess your stability and flexibility by going through a gait, squat and range of motion analysis. The specific joint range of motion limitations, instability and discomfort will be noted and re-assessed at the end of the session.
  2. Reactivate your muscles. In this part of the session we test your muscles one by one for neuromuscular weakness. If any muscle tests weak, we stimulate the muscle spindle cells manually to reactivate them, then retest the muscle to confirm activation. Clients report feeling weak, then stronger post activation.
  3. Release any compensating muscles. Often aching, tight muscles are are a symptom of the weaknesses described above. These compensators get tight and hurt because they are overworking, doing both their job and the jobs of weak muscles. So, after we have discovered and activated your weak muscular links, we can release any cranky compensating muscles, which may have gotten tight from overuse.
  4. Reassess the previously limited motions and reanalyze the squat, single leg squat and your gait pattern, so we can see the results of the session.
  5. Reinforce the strength gains from the session by designing a customized exercise program that targets the weak muscles we reactivated in our session, so you can reinforce the results of our session on your own at home or in the gym.


The investment for the 90 minute work session and homework program to reinforce results is $295, and I honor my money back guarantee.

If you do not see or feel a difference in your range of motion, stability or strength at the end of the session, you don’t pay.

Maintaining the strength gains, flexibility, ease and stability we may achieve in the session is dependent on  you doing your homework program.

And, I recommend doing your homework for a week and engaging in your life’s activities, so you can expose your body to your normal physical/mechanical stressors prior to coming in for a follow up session.

In an hour follow up session, we will go through the same 5 step process, re-assessing all of the range of motion and strength tests and re-activate any muscles that may have weakened under the stress of your lifestyle and current activity level, as well as make any adjustments to your customized exercise plan.

The follow up and any successive sessions are based on need and 60 minutes  ($195) or 30 minutes ($97) in length.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I would be happy to get on a quick call to answer them.

Cheers to you feeling better!


What Lara’s Clients Say

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