Pressured for Time? How to Instantly Create More!

Find yourself revved into a stress state just pre-planning everything you need to do?

Putting too much pressure on yourself to get too much done in too little time?

Feeling afraid you won’t have enough time?

With the extra energy more Spring sunlight brings, you can be feeling more pressure to get things accomplished, while Mercury Retrograde stalls your efforts and leaves you feeling frustrated.

I created this super quick and easy Tapping for Time exercise to help calm both you and me down when we have lengthy to-do lists with time pressure.

Here’s how it works. While time is finite, we can expand our experience of it. Anxiety and worry have a tendency to make everything more difficult. When you are stressed your mental capacity is hindered because your primal response is to send energy and resources from your brain to your limbs to power your fight or flight.

Tapping these meridian points from The Chinese Acupuncture System helps your body calm down. Since there probably isn’t a lion, tiger or bear chasing you, it would be best to calm your body’s innate response, so you can send blood and oxygen back to your brain, improve your cognitive function, think more clearly, and solve problems faster. The more brain power you have, the more effective you can be.

The more effective you are, the less time you need! Voila!

You have just created more time!

Who’s better than you?

Rate your stress level before and after you do this, then do something fun with the extra time you create!!!

To having it all with greater ease and grace;)

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