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Learn why these quick and easy physical stress-relief exercises work!

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Here’s what you’ll get in this Stress Relief video package:

#1 The Best Way to Breathe to Relieve Stress (1:49)

How to breathe to calm yourself down fast and why breathing this way works.

#2 The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise! (3:46)

This is an exercise you can do anywhere, which is great for generalized stress or anxiety. It’s helps stop a Sympathetic, Fight or Flight nervous response. Doing this throughout your day, can help you train your nervous system to be calm.

#3 Stress Relief for Procrastination (2:38)

How to get rid of anxiety or fear that is causing you to procrastinate. You can do this seated or walking down the street. Doing this exercise gets your brain working bilaterally, as you do this cross-body pattern.

#4 Calming Exercise for Insomniacs and Why They Work (2:36)

Physically signal your body to relax into a parasympathetic, restorative response. Get to sleep faster, and sleep more deeply with this one 🙂

#5 Relief from Heartache (2:11)

Relieve stress about matters of the heart. This exercise is great for relieving grief or anxiety concerning relationships.

#6 Release Frustration, Pressure and Overwhelm about Getting Stuff Done Now (5:00)

This will help you calm down and slow down, and prioritize, so you can get more done with greater ease.

#7 Release the Need to Over-Function! (1:41)

Let go of the impulse to push, push, push, do, do, do, so you can turn your mind off to relax or just be able to think more clearly or creatively about a problem.

#8 Stress Relief for PMS!(2:32)

Relieve your irritability, emotional sensitivity and general bitchiness as you comfort yourself and balance the meridians, which affect your hormones.

#9 Stress Detox (3:08)

Stimulate your lymph system to flush stress related toxins out of your system, or to recover from chemical stress, like being hung over! This is energizing as well as healing!

#10 Tapping for Stubborn Stress (6:45)

This is a longer, more active Meridian Tapping (EFT) routine to relieve stress that is re-occurring or more difficult to move out of the body. This will help you let go of your fear and find your confidence.

#11 Tame Your Intense Stress Response! (14:22)

A longer exercise to sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian, which elicits a Sympathetic or Fight or Flight Response. Tell your body there is no danger, no lions, tigers, or bears chasing you, so you can relax and have a greater capacity to handle any stressful situation. This is a good one for symptoms of PTSD.

#12 Tame Your Intense Stress Response, Quickie Version (2:40)

The quicker version of exercise #11, which sedates the Triple Warmer Meridian to tell your body there is no danger, no lions tigers or bears chasing you, so you can relax and have a greater capacity to handle any stressful situation. This is a good one is also good for symptoms of PTSD and a great one to do during your day.

#13 Stress Relief to Alleviate Food Cravings (4:07)

This exercise helps calm the Triple Warmer Meridian ( Fight or Flight initiator ) as it strengthens the Spleen Meridian which helps metabolize your food. Balancing the two meridians together can help alleviate cravings.

#14 Protect Yourself from Stress and Negativity (1:24)

This exercise helps keep you safe and protected when you are surrounded by negative energy or stress. So, if the people around you are feeling stressed or just exuding anger or negativity, you can help keep it from affecting you with this exercise. It’s a great one to do before any holiday or family event, LOL! Tracing this Central Meridian helps to strengthen your meridian system, while grounding you and protecting you from the energies around you.

Download all 14 videos for just $9.97

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